Aolta v1.5

1. Revised front cover

2. Revised Dropkick in the initial stat editor

3. Added Laserball Pinup to the Loading screens

4. the conman and others' portraits dont appear - ok

5. the hospital release charge doesnt decrement - ok

6. soul bloom vendor: 'you move along' has the wrong portrait - ok

7. check the drug addicts lines, there's one that doesnt work, there maybe more - ok

8. go through the restaurant text and adjust the portraits and revise the hotdog line and some of the others - ok

9. Stephy's secret part 3: "he confessed how we(replace with he)..." - ok

10. Gin's secret: make up sex progam - change the portrait -ok

11. Gin: change tv lines to tv scan lines - ok

12. Intro: Welcome to Aolta <- add Dropkick portrait - ok

13. Hanae: After check point 1: the interactedHanae check stops working until the next check point - fixed

14. Hanae loses functionality in a day after second checkpoint - fixed

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